Friday, October 15, 2004

Introductory Musings

As I was killing some time in the afternoon, I stumbled upon the fabulous Blogger site, and I realized that I had to give this a whack. As I am short on time this afternoon, I would like to welcome you to the site and promise occasional discussion of things of great interest - including everything from the Presidential Race, the demise of the Chicago Cubs (spoken as a true White Sox Fan), and all things entertainment, including my addiction to electronic devices that make life easier and my wallet a bit thinner, including TiVo and XM Satellite radio.

As long as I dropped a quick mention of the Chicago Cubs, I should note that today is the one year anniversary of the Cubs elimination from the National League Championship Series...has it already been a year? Who could ever forget the legendary Steve Bartman incident, which made the curse of the goat seem like child's play. Being surrounded by Cub fans almost everywhere, I could sense that everyone was just waiting for something to go wrong - and how right they were...Sox fans, raise a glass tonight, to the never-ending saga that is Chicago baseball. There is no more interesting (or frustrated) baseball city in America.

Best Wishes!

John Brooks


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