Thursday, October 28, 2004

Presidential Perspective

With less than a week left until the most divisive election of our time, I've spent quite a bit of time reading about the Bush and Kerry campaigns. Starting with the first of the Presidential debates, I was amazed at the lack of actual discussion between these men who are vying for the most powerful job in the world. Everything from President Bush's mouth was a prepared catch phrase that was inserted at occasionally appropriate times as a response to a question. More often than not, it seemed he was forcing these responses where they didn't really fit. Senator Kerry, while not nearly as bad, fell into the strategy of repeating the same points in a simplistic manner as often as possible. And after the debates, the lack of actual discussion picked up a head of steam. Now, as we stand just days before the election, we are hearing both candidates essentially bicker like kids on a playground, with no new insight, just a general belittlement of each other. Everything has been so calculated to play to every form of media that at this point, none of what either of them are saying has any weight. And don't even bother trying to get independent analysis from the radio - Air America criticizes everything President Bush has done and the gaggle of right wing clowns has been pushing their agenda for years without regard to truth or common sense.

So how have I decided who to vote for? Simple - I am voting for the man who seems to understand complexities, who understands that the world is not black and white. I am voting for John Kerry, not because I am a Democrat (I'm not) or because I think George Bush is a failure (he's not). I am voting for John Kerry not because his policies are inherently superior to the status quo - I'm voting for him because I believe he will make reasoned decisions and will think about the consequences of his choices. I don't believe John Kerry has an agenda that he will pursue like a rapid dog; I think Kerry will evaluate the problems at hand and thoughtfully recommend the best course of action. I am voting for a President who can think on his feet and articulate his thoughts, demonstrating firm understanding of the issues of the day.

And I don't think President Bush works that way.

Regardless of the candidate that you support, please make sure to vote on Tuesday. This year more than ever, every vote counts!

John Brooks


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